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Ep. 37 : Emily Marker on Black France, White Europe: Youth, Race, and Belonging in the Postwar Era (Show Details)

Ep. 36 : Lee McBride, Ethics and Insurrection: A Pragmatism for the Oppressed (Show Details)

Ep. 35 : Ana Lucia Araujo, Museums and Atlantic Slavery (Show Details)

Ep. 34 : Lindsey B. Green-Simms, African Queer Cinemas (Show Details)

Ep. 33 : Kaiama L. Glove, A Regarded Self: Caribbean Womanhood and the Ethics of Disorderly Being (Show Details)

Ep. 32 : Melissa Daniels-Rauterkus, Afro-Realisms and the Romances of Race: Rethinking Blackness in the African American Novel (Show Details)

Ep. 31 : Richard Price, Maroons in Guyane: Past, Present, Future (Show Details)

Ep. 30 : Jay Rajiva, Toward an Animist Reading of Postcolonial Trauma Literature (Show Details)

Ep. 29 : Ashley M. Williard, Engendering Islands: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Violence in the Early French Caribbean (Show Details)

Ep. 28 : Jacqueline Couti,  SexSea and Self: Sexuality and Nationalism in French Caribbean Discourses, 1924-1948 (Show Details)

Ep. 27 : Michael L. Dickinson, Almost Dead: Slavery and Social Rebirth in the Black Urban Atlantic (Show Details)

Ep. 26 : Alex Madva, Vanessa Wills, Ian Olasov, and Dana Miranda, The Movement for Black Lives: Philosophical Perspectives (Show Details)

Ep. 25 : Kir Kuiken and Deborah Elise White, Haiti’s Literary Legacies (Show Details)

Ep. 24 : Nick Nesbitt, The Price of Slavery: Capitalism and Revolution in the Caribbean (Show Details)

Ep. 23 : Sarah J. Zimmerman, Militarizing Marriage: West African Soldiers’ Conjugal Traditions in Modern French Empire (Show Details)

Ep. 22 : Cajetan Iheka, African Ecomedia: Network Forms, Planetary Politics (Show Details)

Ep. 21 : Mark Anthony Neal, Black Ephemera: The Crisis and Challenge of the Musical Archive (Show Details)

Ep. 20 : Andrea Pitts on Nos/Otras: Gloria Anzaldúa, Multiplicitous Agency, and Resistance (Show Details)

Ep. 19 : Julius Fleming, Jr. on Black Patience: Performance, Civil Rights, and the Unfinished Project of Emancipation (Show Details)

Ep. 18 : Diane Exavier on The Math of Saint Felix (Show Details)

Ep. 17 : Adam Kotsko on What is Theology? Christian Thought and Contemporary Life (Show Details)

Ep. 16 : Deva Woodly on Reckoning: Black Lives Matter and the Necessity of Social Movements (Show Details)

Ep. 15 : Kyle Mays on An Afro-Indigenous History of the United States (Show Details)

Ep. 14 : Martin Shuster on How to Measure a World? A Philosophy of Judaism (Show Details)

Ep. 13 : Olúfẹmi O. Táíwò on Reconsidering Reparations (Show Details)

Ep. 12 : Alvin Henry on Black Queer Flesh: Rejection of Subjectivity in the African American Novel (Show Details)

Ep. 11 : Rosemere Ferreira da Silva, Lou Turner, and Nigel Gibson on Fanon Today: Reason and Revolt of the Wretched of the Earth (Show Details)

Ep. 10 : Mark Christian Thompson on Phenomenal Blackness: Black Power, Philosophy, and Theory (Show Details)

Ep. 9 : Lindsey Stewart on The Politics of Black Joy: Zora Neale Hurston and Neo-Abolitionism (Show Details)

Ep. 8 : Aram Goudsouzian and Charles McKinney on An Unseen Light: Black Struggles for Freedom in Memphis, Tennessee (Show Details)

Ep. 7 : Yomaira Figueroa-Vásquez on Decolonizing Diasporas: Radical Mappings of Afro-Atlantic Literature (Show Details)

Ep. 6 : Irvin Hunt on Dreaming the Present: Time, Aesthetics, and the Black Cooperative Movement (Show Details)

Ep. 5 : Kris Sealey on Creolizing the Nation (Show Details)

Ep. 4. : Jeanne-Marie Jackson on The African Novel of Ideas (Show Details)

Ep. 3 : Geo Maher on Anticolonial Eruptions: Racial Hubris and the Cunning of Resistance (Show Details)

Ep. 2 : Zeyad el Nabolsy, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture, and Grant Farred on Africana Studies (Show Details)

Ep. 1 : Kevin Thompson and Perry Zurn on Intolerable (Show Details)